Friday, January 9, 2009

What EXACTLY does this mean?

My husband coaches my son's basketball team. In the mail today, we received the team/individual pictures of the team. I pulled out my son's photographs and left them on the kitchen table. Here's how the conversation goes:

Me: "Did you see your basketball pictures?"
Bear: "Yes."
Me: "Did you like them?"
Bear: "Did you like them?" [yes, he is answering a question with a question]
Me: "Well, of course I do."
Bear: "Well if you like them then I like them."

At first was oh, isn't that sweet. But then, wait a minute. Is he telling me, in his little subtle 9 year old boy way that as long as I'm happy he is happy? How could that be? What have I done to this child. Have I exclaimed "if mama ain't happy, nobody is happy" around the house one too many times? Am I over-reacting? Or does this first born happy go lucky child of mine just like to please his mommy?

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shawn said...

or maybe.. in his 9 year old boy way he is saying he doesn't really care what his pictures look like... ????...