Friday, January 16, 2009

A Birthday Celebration with Etsy

My mother's birthday is at the end of January. Like many of you, it's hard figuring out the perfect gifts for your parents. And what seems right after Christmas, I always struggle. Well, this year I turned to Etsy. I decided to find everything for her on Etsy and help support some handmade shops. Here's what I purchased for her this year.

Darling pin cushion and quilted fabric coasters done in Amy Butler fabric from buddydesigns. So nicely made. I LOVE these fabric coasters, I will be back to buy myself some.

This gorgeous Japanese inspired watercolor pillow by norajane.

My mom's been having some serious shoulder problems and I thought some heat relief would be the answer, so I purchase a shoulder wrap, eye pillow and back wrap from this gal comfycreations. Kathleen made a special order for us because neither of us can tolerate the smell of lavender [instant migraine]. So these are unscented. Just plop in the microwave and instant heat relief. And more beautiful Amy Butler fabrics await in her shop.

I am very excited to give these gifts to my mom this year. I know she'll love every single one of them. I'm thrilled I also bought all handmade, instead of massed produced items from stores. By the way, my Mom doesn't have a computer so she doesn't read my blog unless she's here at my house, but her sisters do, so Barb and Bev, no spilling the beans. Happy Etsy Birthday, Mom.

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