Monday, January 12, 2009

DIY Tutuorial on "CHEAP" Wall Art

Want a neat wall art project that doesn't cost a lot of money? How about do it yourself canvas squares. It's very easy. I've had these papers [12x12 size] for about a year now knowing that I wanted to paint my studio this green color once it was finished. This is also cardstock which I would recommend using instead of regular scrapbook paper.

So you buy these 12x12 canvas squares at JoAnn's whenever they go on sale. They come two in a packet.

Paint the sides and a bit up onto the top of the canvas with a matcing acrylic color and let dry.

glue on your cardstock using any adhesive [I used a tape for scrapbooking anything double sided will work - I would not use a wet substance though like glue]. Layout your arrangement on the floor before you stick it on the wall to see what works best and then hang on the wall. These are very lightweight so you don't need a big nail, just a bit of patience trying to line them up.

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Andrea said...

Thanks for this simple, but great idea! I have been looking to add something to my girls' room and I think this will be great!