Saturday, January 24, 2009

My thrifty finds .... MelMac Cups & Glass Milk Bottles

Went to two of my favorite thrift stores this past week just to kill a little time. Imagine my excitment when I found 6 robin's egg blue translucent MelMac or Melamine cups in great condition. And they were merely $.49 each. When I went to the register, the lady said to me, wow you got a deal, if I would have seen these come, I would have priced them a bit higher. That's when you get your confirmation that yes, indeed, I got a great deal. These were popular in the 50's. I also scored on two glass bottles/vases. I think the smaller one is for orange juice and probably came with a set of matching juice glasses, but I picture a small bouquet of fresh flowers in there, and the second one is a cream or milk container. Not sure what I'm doing with that one yet, but I have acquired a bit of fondness for glass milk containers.

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