Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mamma Mia

okay, okay, I'm behind the game a bit. I never saw this on broadway. I never saw this in the movie theater. I wanted to, I really really did, but I just didn't for some reason. My friend [thanks Debbie] received this movie for Christmas, she let me borrow it. My almost 6 year old and I watched it one night, together in bed, and yes, we both LOVED it. She wants my ABBA CD on all the time in the car now. She's singing Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen. That truly warms my heart.

oh, by the way, this DVD broke all kinds of records for most sales on the 1st day of release, so that should tell you something. Go, go now and buy it. You will love, your husband probably won't but you will. And I didn't cry.

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