Thursday, June 12, 2008

Morning conversations with Sophie

This morning:
Sophie: Mama, look how tall I am.
Me: Yes, I know. You're too tall, would you please stop growing?
Sophie: Mama, you know I can't help it.
Me: [whining] please, please, stop growing. I want you 5 years old forever.
Sophie: I like being 5, but I want to grow big like you so I can have babies.

Yesterday morning:
Sophie: Mama, look! If I stand on my tippy toes I can reach the cabinet.
Me: I see. You're getting so big.
Sophie: I'm the tallest 5 year old that I know, except for Emeroy.
Me: Yes, you are tall. I really, really wish you would stop growing and stay 5 years old.
Sophie: I cannot control my insides, they just keep growing.
Me: I know you can't control your insides, but I want you this size forever because I can still carry you.
Sophie: Well, on TV, there's this stuff, on a commercial, that says you rub it on you and keeps you looking young every day. Do you want to buy that for me? There's a phone number you have to call on TV. I'll watch for it today. [we never did watch TV any more that day so we didn't get the number!]

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