Sunday, June 8, 2008

21 things we want to do this summer by Cole, Brock & Sophie

  1. Go to Zoombezi Bay (at the Columbus Zoo)
  2. Take a walk or bike ride every morning
  3. Go to the pool every day (yea, right)!!
  4. Do the reading program at the library
  5. King's Island
  6. Go to the beach (good luck on that one).
  7. Get a slip n' slide
  8. Children's Museum in Indy
  9. Play in the sprinklers
  10. Go to a pool out of town (Sophie's idea)
  11. Science camps
  12. Dancing hares water fountains at Ballentrae
  13. Get ice cream at Graeter's
  14. Visit our cousins
  15. Invite family over for cookouts
  16. Finish basement
  17. Paint swingset and put on a new tent (canvas)
  18. Have lots of friends over to play
  19. Go to the doctor and dentist (this is Cole's idea of fun?)
  20. Have a watergun fight with Mom and Dad
  21. Go to Cedar Point

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