Sunday, June 29, 2008

CVS - I believe, I believe

Okay, so I started reading this gal's blog dealseekingmom realizing I have no idea about the deals to be found at CVS. I don't shop there, I've always felt it was an overpriced pharmacy. Well, no more. After reading about her shopping "sprees" at CVS and how much money she saves, I thought okay, today is the day I give it a whirl. Got my Sunday paper, got my coupons, got my scissors, and found the flyer for CVS.

So the deal is in the weekly flyer, they advertise cash back money for purchases you make. Now I'm not going to go there and buy stuff I don't use or want or need just to earn cash back. But today there were a few things with enticing cash back rewards. For example, Coppertone sunscreen, Gold Bond Ultimate restoring lotion (thanks to Aunt Bev for turning me onto this), Q-tips, and Softsoap. Some things had incentive points, like buy two Coopertone products and receive $10 back in cash rewards to be used at a later date. I mean, come on, it doesn't take much to realize some of this is a good deal. We go through sunscreen like crazy.

CVS had a lot of buy one, get one free. And, I had coupons for most of those items. So I got two bags of Doritos for $1.00 and Off Insect Repellent for $.80 (it was already on sale, plus my coupon). I came out of there pretty happy with my purchases. I'm going to try a new, different store next time because the one I went to was older and fairly small. I am now a believer.

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