Friday, June 13, 2008

front porch containers

If you saw my post from a couple weeks ago of my planters on our back patio, you will notice one similarity. Yes, I LOVE purple flowers. All shades of purple. Out back I did purple and white and a touch of pink. Out front I did purple and yellow. The petunia in this photo look more blue than purple, although in real life, they are really a grape purple. My porch urns are really pretty right now, finally have grown and settled in. I even noticed when taking these photos that my purple grass in one of the urns was sprouting its plume. That's why I love these grasses.

Here's one fact about me many people don't know, I hate, yes hate, red flowers. I also hate, yes again hate, roses. Hate the look of them, hate the thorns, hate the SMELL of them. A lesson my husband learned early on during our dating game. But I was nice about it. :-) He soon realized daisies make me happiest.

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