Thursday, March 31, 2011

pantry makeover

it all started here. oh, that mrs. smith, she did it to me. made me realize i needed to do this too. just look at her pantry.

so here's mine. blah, blah, blah. the shelves were all silver from cans being slide across them. the shelves had finger and toe prints from my monkey climbing them. it had to be painted.


i also realized i needed to clean/rearrange/find a better storage solution for one of my cabinets.
old storage containers with white lids, just didn't use my space well. i took measurements, went to walmart and found exactly what I needed, introducing the 3 new containers with red lids. see how nice they fit on my shelf below?
perfect for grab and go. okay, done with that cabinet, onto the pantry.
take everything out and put it on your dining room table and live like that for a week.
oh, lovely new silver/blue paint. i did the shelves in a light color i had leftover.
here's the wall color - yum
in order not to have my pretty shelves get all scratched by the cans again, i lined the shelves with clear contact paper.
i used everything i already had on hand except the flour and sugar jars [walmart]

i've actually had my pantry like this for 2 months. i wanted to live with it for a while to see if we could really keep it look nice and neat. i did add one metal basket from hobby lobby to store my bags of lunch size chips, but other than that, everything has stayed the same.
love, love, love that mrs. smith and her jar labels. you can buy them here at wonderfully wordy. thank you shelley for your inspiration.

the messy mudroom

home from vacation, the suitcases don't even make it upstairs. 9 loads in one day and still going. does this happen to anyone else?