Saturday, October 2, 2010

talking to your kid about sex

We have a 10 year son who will soon be 11. He has been asking about sex lately. He is so excited to be starting puberty and cannot wait until the 5th grade film at his school which discusses changes taking place within his own body, but not sex. I love that he wants to ask us all kinds of questions and feels no embarrassment talking to us. I love that he wants to learn from us and not his friends. I want to keep that line of communication open; but I have to be honest, when he first approached me about "the talk", I did panic. I quickly picked up half a dozen books from the library. None of them talked to us like the one below. I ended up buying it from Barnes & Noble.

Is your child ready to begin the talks? I strongly recommend this book. It's easy to read, and is just an all round great guide.