Friday, January 29, 2010

it's skiing time

Getting fitted for the skis. Very exciting, she's not quite sure what's going on, hanging close to her daddy.

I couldn't take many pictures outside because it was lightly drizzling.

Off to ski school. There's Sophie in pink and Cole with the red jacket and red hat waiting to go down the bunny hill.

Here she comes -- looking good, big smile on her face.

Here comes Brock, ready for the big hills. This boy has no fear and right after bunny hill went to the big hills and skiied for the next 8 hours. He even, unintentionally, went down a black diamond hill, through the woods, through tunnels. Oh my ...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mr. Clean's Magic Erase is well .... magic

We all know the Magic Erase is good for cleaning spots off doors and walls, but did you know what else it can do?

It can clean the white rubber part off shoes. One toe done and the other not.

Look at that terrible scuff on my SUV rear view mirror. Thank you red truck that rubbed against me.

A little Magic Erase and it's gone. I have used this all over my car. People seem to like to hurt our big huge SUV's. I get scuffs all the time on my corner bumpers and rear view mirrors. And I do not park in spots too small for my Sequoia, I think it's just the way it is. This also works on boats and waverunners.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Reusable Shopping Bags ... A must

Do you use reusable shopping bags? Or have you purchased bags and use them but many times forget them and leave them in the house? I've done that a few times. So I started putting the bags right back in my car as soon as I unload the groceries. I never forget now.

Here, Walmart is starting a new program to reduce pastic bag useage for the environment. It's a wonderful idea. Walmart sells their bags for $.50 but they are small. More for a trip to Walgreens than a grocery store. I use the big bags. My favorite part about using reusable bags, other than helping save oil, is they stack so nicely in the back of my car. Things don't fall out like plastic bags.

Did you know it takes 12 million barrels of oil to produce 30 billion plastic bags?
Did you know other countries have banned the use of plastic bags? Ireland, Ugando, China!

Please buy some reusable bags next time you're at the store.