Sunday, August 31, 2008

my baby lost her first tooth

So, we're in BW-3 last night having dinner, we're almost finished and she screams and starts crying. She bit down on that tooth, once again. But this time it was really hanging on there (see first photo & try to ignore her nasty, dirty fingernails). So we rush her home and for the next 2 1/2 hours, she cries, she tries to pull it herself, won't allow me to touch it. She goes and shows Mrs. Yokum. She goes out to play in the backyard with friends only to come back in crying again because it hurts. I keep saying, it will feel much better if you just let me take it out. She won't. She eats an ice cream sandwich. Close to her last bite, it happens again. It's bleeding. She doesn't like to see blood and freaks out. NB comes running out and grabs her to comfort her, I told him I'm taking it out hold onto her. It happens so quickly she doesn't even realize it's out. She's still fussing that she doesn't want me to do it not even realizing it's already in the tissue. She looks at it and laughs, and then cries again and yells for me to show it to "Mrs. Yokum" our neighbor. Mrs. Yokum is very proud of her and all is well in Sophie's world. Mrs. Yokum sounds old in this story, she is only 38 and a friend of mine.

and after photo .... after many, many tears. she doesn't look too happy? Her brothers even slept in her room with her last night hoping to catch a glimpse of that elusive tooth fairy.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

copy cats eat dirt ....

Okay, okay. I have a big gripe. I mean big. I hate to see my work copied. There, I admit it. When I sold on ebay, I sold for a solid 2 years w/o seeing any copies of my work and then lo' and behold, one day a complete copy cat starts selling exactly the same thing as I do (although not near the quality of workmanship as myself with all my details, etc.) and she comes in selling the exact same item at $1.00 less than mine, plus she completely copy my entire text of my auction. By the way, this particular ebay seller is now on etsy too. I did write her asked her to take my language off her auction and she did w/o me having to "report" her.

So tonight I find another exact copy cat. I mean exact. This is a new seller on etsy and I really just don't even know what to say. I realize people draw inspiration from others, I can appreciate that, but to actually out and out copy is just plain rude.

Has anyone else had issues with a copy cat before on etsy or ebay? Please tell me of your experience and how you handle something like this .... this invasion of your creativity, design and hard work. I'm at a loss.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The "Pitcher"

Cole got to pitch in his first fall ball game tonight. He was very excited. He did well, he had two strike outs.

First Day of School .... Kindergarten for Sophie

Love these holding hand photos with Daddy.
Sophie goes to Kindergarten in the afternoon, but she wanted to get into this shot with her big brothers, Cole going into 3rd grade and Brock going into 2nd grade.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

do you ever feel .... overwhelmed?

I cannot believe my last post was Aug. 5. A new, albeit a short time span, record for me. This is what is going on. Our basement. We have been working so hard trying to get the basement finished. We are now there, carpet comes on Wednesday. Cannot wait. But there's more. Football began, two boys, two different leagues, two different schools practicing at exactly the same time, and one little girl who now has cheerleading practice. Throw in back to school meetings and projects for PTO, supply sale for PTO, kindergarten meeting, ice cream social, cheer clinic, football pictures, again at two different schools. It's just crazy. My poor kids, wanting to go to the pool for the last days of summer. We had chilly weather last week, in the 70's, too chilly for swimming ... comfortably. We saw a movie instead, which only kills about 2 hours.

I feel like I'm running a marathon that has no end. But, alas, school starts soon. I tell myself, don't worry, everything can wait until they are in school. The house can be in disarray until school begins. Sophie will only be gone 1/2 day (or 3 hours more precisely). Plenty of time to get my studio organized. My studio is finished by the way. It is wonderful. Just trying to figure it all out. Trying to figure out my work table I want. Trying to figure out placement of the furniture. Just trying to figure it out all. It will come. Slowly .....

Keep telling myself, after school starts, enjoy this last week of summer vacation with my kids. So that's what I'll do .... after the supply sale on Monday and the furniture pick-up on Tuesday and the carpet on Wednesday and Kindergarten meeting on Thursday and .... and .... football.

I'll be back soon, but probably not until after August 25 when school begins.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ebay anyone? Listing Sophie's 5 size clothes

A couple people have asked me about Sophie's clothes auctions. I have her items now listed in ebay. You can find it here with my user name 3*in*gap ~ clothing is basically size 5. Lots up for auction, go check it out. Brock's things will begin on Sunday.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Time for FOOTBALL ....

Here they are. I'm a bit nervous with Cole in pads/helmet this year, but he's excited. NB is coaching, they will have fun. Brock is playing flag this year, he doesn't need the pads, except on his pants. Sophie is cheering for Cole's team. She is beyond excited about being a cheerleader. Our evenings and Sundays will be all about football for the next couple months. Life is good.