Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's here - our Chocolate Merle Schnoodle

Although we picked her up on Wednesday, I haven't taken many photos because it's been so dreary and raining which means a dark house inside. Hopefully I'll get some good sunshine photos soon. She was born June 2 and since that time we've been trying to decide on a name, not an easy task for 5 people to agree. So finally it was decided last night - Zoe, or is that Zoey.
She is super sweet and really such a good girl. She seems to not think anything of all the commotion of three kids and many neighbor kids running throughout the house. She's able to sleep right through it all. Oh, happy baby.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

jillibean soup paper

Introducing ....

I am one lucky girl to personally know the designer and creator behind jillibean soup, a fabulous line of scrapbooking goodness and yummies. Her name is Jill Yegerlehner and she also happens to be one of my daughter's Daisy leaders. See, told ya' I was lucky.

:: coordinating ribbons ~ yum yum ::

:: if you enjoy scrapping with kraft paper, she's your gal ::

:: felt flowers ::

Now go, run to your favorite scrapbooking store and ask for jillibean soup papers.

her website is full of ideas and inspiration, she has many crafters throughout the country

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

last pre-Schnoodle post

Big N keeps commenting on why I haven't put up her new pictures yet. We get her next weekend.
name ~ still undecided
blue eyes ~ possibly
we have the best breeder ~ you can visit her website here.

family fun - the foamerator

I devour my Family Fun magazine when it comes in the mailbox. I stop what I'm doing and read it wherever I happen to be at that moment. When it came yesterday, I knew we'd be making these foamerators this week. You can see the article here at Family Fun. We only had two bottles for recycling as today was garbage pick-up. We had a big 2 litter soda bottle which didn't work very well. The small, sturdier water bottles worked best, the Gatorade bottles worked best. You may have to play around with a few different variations.

enjoying the lazy days of summer

bubbles and rollerblades

lulu always close by [our first schnoodle]
great hockey practice

2 years ago for Christmas, all he wanted was a "pobo" stick

little sister thinks it's funny blowing bubbles and skating circles around this boy who is concentrating so hard on staying on his "pobo" stick