Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Birthday - BB is 8

Happy 8th Birthday BB ..... my little blonde one.

February sure is a busy month for us. Winter, in general, is busy, all three of my kids are winter babies, December and February. BB and Bear are only 14 months apart. BB, my second, was by far my easiest delivery, but maybe that's because Bear paved the way only 14 months prior. I don't know but Big N almost delivered BB because I progressed so quickly and was literally holding my legs together waiting for my OB to come in and catch him.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dogs and Cancer

It's been a sad week in our house. Our almost 13 year old Golden Retriever, Pockets, was diagnosed with lymphoma. We've been blessed to have this wonderful dog in our lives for so long. To see her decline, so rapidly, is heartbreaking. She had 7 puppies of her own and was such a good mother, it only came naturally for her to be the ever watchful eye when our own three human "puppies" came along and she was their protector. When they cried in the middle of the night, she'd be right there with me tending to their needs. Every now and then she would get a big lick in like she was cleaning them. And it was funny. Goldens are such a wonderful breed, so tolerant and laid back. She let all the kids climb all over her and snuggle up against her. Her looks to us said it all "I'll tolerate them only because I love them, but they are driving me crazy." At times, we knew exactly how she felt.

Because of her advanced age, we are not putting her through chemo. Trying to keep her comfortable and as happy as possible. Next week will be tough.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Girl's 6th Birthday -- CUPCAKES

We had sweet girl's 6th birthday party last Sunday. 7 little girls for nail painting, hair coloring and pinata fun. Guess the theme ... right CUPCAKES. My mom found this cupcake mold last summer. Isn't it great? I photographed it beside a regular size cupcake so you can see the size difference. It was fine for 7 little girls, but not enough for some hungry adults. I put it on a plate from Hallmark which reads "it's your special day" and whoever has a birthday or special day in our house gets to use this cool plate.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How do you do your laundry?

As a household of five, we have a bunch of laundry. With three kids in sports, it only adds to the piles. Lately it seems I've had several moms ask me how I keep on top of my laundry. When I explain my system, the realize it makes sense. And, I line dry most clothes [except pj's, undies and socks]. So I'll share my laundry tips with you. Maybe something will work for you.
I find that it is easier to separate my kids' clothes from our adult clothes. The kids' clothes get sorted into four piles: dark pants, dark shirts, lights [including pants & shirts] and then one pile for pj's, underwear and socks. I find it more efficient if I do all the pants at once because them I know I have the pant hangers out and that's all I'm doing. Ditto with doing dark shirts, I know i need all my regular hangers at that time. I also hang all of our clothes in the closet, I'm not big on putting stuff in the dressers, except, again, pj's, undies and socks and sometimes extra uniform stuff.
Now in the summer sometimes my dark piles are smaller and my light colored piles are bigger, it's usually either/or not both. This system works well for me. I do four loads of kids' clothes about every 4-5 days. I usually don't have to do 'adult' loads but every 7-9 days. In between days are bedding, towels, blankets and such.
I find this way very organized and productive. I don't feel I'm doing laundry every day. I've heard of people doing at least 2 loads a day and every day. I just can't imagine. If you get organized and a system in place, it will take less time doing laundry and you don't dread it as much. Keep in mind, I do have an front load, extra capacity washer. That may help too :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's 6

No one could ever, ever top this Valentine's Day present. My sweet baby is 6 today.

Going to her first father/daughter dance last weekend with the Girl Scouts. She's a daisy.
Her prince awaits.

Such a big occasion calls for Grams and Papa to stop by

It's pretty cool when you meet your heros .... The Columbus Blue Jackets

Jared Boll from the Columbus Blue Jackets signing Bear's hockey jersey and puck. WOW - how exciting.

Jared Boll with the kids.
Rick Nash [the King of the Jackets]

Bear was a little upset because his favorite goalie, Steve Mason, was out sick with mono. But he was excited to see all these players. So why are they called the Columbus Blue Jackets? Well, Ohio had more soldiers in the Civil War than any other state and those soldiers were at times called "blue jackets" because of their uniform. There was a small factory here in Columbus that made the blue jackets for the men. Hence, the name and history [and this is the canon that "goes off" when a goal is scored - see his Civil War uniform?].

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ebay plug- selling little girl's spring summer Size 5

Time again to sell off little girl's clothes from last spring/summer. All her stuff is on ebay now you can find it here. BB's stuff will be up next week, boys size 6. My user name is 3*in*gap.

Craft Room Tour

I love seeking inspiration from others. Many of you know that my husband completed my studio in the fall and I've been trying to figure it out since. My desk has been in three places [and I finally think I've found the perfect place for it]. My fancy schmancy table has been in two places and it is perfect where it is [now I need a couple chairs]. My armoire has stayed where it always was and looks very happy there. I feel I can decorate now. I feel like it's finally working for me.
Sometimes you have to live with a space for a little while to see how it's going to work for you. It takes time for a space to evolve. You have to figure out how you want to use the space. I think a creative space takes longer because you just don't know what works quite right. You may think in your head it's right, but then when you're there actually using it, you need to switch it up a bit. That's okay. Here's some inspiration for you ~
Lovin' the red and black and cream colors in this room.Very well organized, things are hidden [which I like] and look at those yummy window treatments.
I'm all about apple green. That's the color of my studio too. LOVE IT. It makes me smile. Love, again the red accents.
This blue is everywhere. I love it paired with black. Again, this inspires me because this room looks organized - a place for everything.

The toile roman shade is my favorite here.

Not quite my style, but it looks nice.

Obviously this crafter likes to sew. Or is that a seamstress who likes to craft? Either way I love idea of her ironing board right there out in the open. If you're going to use it alot, then make a good spot for it.