Friday, April 3, 2009

I just keep going in circles

I'm on a roll, but yet I feel like I keep walking in circles in my house. I have about five things going at one time, but yet here I am basically starting another project, blogging. I started cleaning out the pantry (project 1) while my boys were eating breakfast before catching the bus for school. I got sidetracked, knowing I wanted to put all the boxes of jell-o in a small bin which is in the basement. Meanwhile, walk the boys out the garage door, I grabbed all the snow boots to take downstairs to storage bins (project 2), I realize I must sweep that area where the boots were stored (project 3). While sweeping I think I might as well wash all the snowpants, hats, gloves, etc. and get them all put away with the boots (project 4 and now two loads of laundry later). Take a small break to take sweet girl to a playdate. The snowpants freed up a shelf in my mudroom which created a new project for me (project 5) which was to organize three cupboards above my washer/dryer/utility sink and I decided to put all the school supplies and crafts in those cupboards, which freed up an entire big cupboard in my kitchen. ..... which I'm getting ready to sweep out and start filling with big platters and party bowls, things which have been stored in my pantry. So really project 6 is coming full circle for me. It all started in the pantry. And it's only noon!!

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