Monday, March 30, 2009

We're back - Florida was F A B U L O U S

Our first day at Universal Studios and this is the first ride the kids (and hubby) went on ... twice. Look, hardly any people.

Our next park on Wednesday was Universal Island of Adventure and boy oh boy, what fun. We met up with our fun neighbors and the kids had a blast going on rides together. Whoville is wonderful, simply wonderful, not a straight line in the entire place, everything is curved.

The Cat in the Hat
And The Grinch - no way!!!

Here's the gang coming off the Popeye and Bluto river ride and look, they're soaked down to the underwear. I don't even remember how many times they rode this water ride, maybe 12.

On our way out of the park, soaking wet, we paused for an elephant ear and sat down on a ledge. Right beside us in the bush was a husband/wife duck team begging us for our elephant ear. they ate it right out of my hand. Amazing.
Guess where we were on Thursday?
The Happiest Place on Earth, but right now, at 11:00 pm, these kiddos are exhausted.
No vacation down south would be complete without a little minature golf.

And at last Downtown Disney
Where we visited Legoland [ and purchased two really cool Star Wars ships]


Adria said...

My brother and I got kicked out of the Dr. Suess area for climbing on the structures. Its amazing how it looks over there.

Margaret said...

Looks like you had a very fun trip.