Thursday, March 12, 2009

When a family dog dies

We had to put our sweet dog, Pockets, to sleep last night. It was so hard. It's hard explaining this to children. It's so hard seeing the tears in their eyes and trying to make them understand that it is for the best. It's impossible to explain to a 6 year old that we won't visit her in a cemetary and that cremation doesn't hurt.
It's hard watching your dog suffer, yet not being able to make that final decision, the inevitable and the necessary. She was in so much pain and it was evident in her walk, her personality and mostly, her beautiful big brown eyes. I'm at peace with it now, but it's tough. Tears still come, and I imagine they will for a while. Our little dog, Lulu, is confused. She keeps looking around. Where has her buddy gone, she wonders. She, I'm sure, senses our sadness as we all hug her a little more tightly.


Anonymous said...

It takes a brave soul to admit grief due to the loss of a dog. When my [2nd] love of my life died, I created this memorial. I still visit from time to time.

Adria said...

When our 13 year old Rottweiler passed away, my 3 year old never got over it. When she was 5, we got a Black and Tan Chihuahua. Looks just like a Rott but weighs 4 pounds. I never realized how attached the entire family was to him. My prayers are with you and your family