Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We love Craigslist. Have you ever used it? When we were finishing our basement last fall and had to move everything from our basement up into our garage for storage, we realized we just didn't want to haul everything back down. We posted several things on craigslist and made some nice pocket money. We sold everything from a toilet to a desk to a sandbox. I sold my kids' kettler tricycle, a jogger stroller, a trampoline and a box of rescue heroes. The best part of craigslist is it is local and free. yes, free. You have to be smart about it though. I never had anyone come by our house when my husband wasn't home.
You can find a job on craiglist. You can list your upcoming garage sale too.
Got some things to sell, well then check it out. There is usually at least one person out there who will want it.

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Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

We've bought things and sold things with Craigslist. I love it and I need to list some more things right now. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

It's nice to meet other Etsy sellers.