Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Organization :-: The Pantry

This makes me smile, makes me giddy with delight. I actually have left the door open just to admire it. Am I a goof or what? I love organization. My pantry is usually fairly organized, but once in a while it needs spruced up. I wrote about it last week here. This is where it all started. I had to go through and throw out old or expired items, make sure all my cans were aligned right and the labels facing forward. I never knew how to store my onions and potatoes, so I got a basket and put in a pretty cloth napkin. I liked the look so much I did one for our bread too.
I try to keep things off the floor. I think it makes it look cluttered. I didn't know what to do with my jell-o/pudding boxes, so in my basement I found an old wire napkin holder. The jell-o boxes fit perfectly. I didn't want to take up precious space with the holder laying flat, so I put it up on its side. Now I can easily read the labels and it takes up a third of the room. Think outside the box when organizing your pantry or cabinets.

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