Thursday, April 30, 2009

do you know what tomorrow is?

Well, of course, I know it's May 1st. But around here, garage sale time is officially beginning. Our neighborhood is having a multi-family garage sale. 14 homes participating and I'm excited for tomorrow morning to come, get those boys on the bus, and sweet girl and I will walk the neighborhood searching for treasures. She is so excited. I think the boys are a bit disappointed they have to go to school. We actually shopped a bit already at a friend's house .. those darn early bird shoppers. So for $34 we got a 17' flat screen LCD monitor [for Bear], a brand new baseball mitt [for me], several almost new kitchen utensils [for me again], a leather and khaki catch-all [I don't know where but I'll find somewhere], some neat glass dishes which I can picture small banana splits filling up, a new in the box power strip [Big N], a new fiskar paper cutter [me, again cause the kids keep stealing mine] and a few other things. I took a photo and will post it tomorrow ... hopefully along with my other finds. Yippee.

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