Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Girl's 6th Birthday -- CUPCAKES

We had sweet girl's 6th birthday party last Sunday. 7 little girls for nail painting, hair coloring and pinata fun. Guess the theme ... right CUPCAKES. My mom found this cupcake mold last summer. Isn't it great? I photographed it beside a regular size cupcake so you can see the size difference. It was fine for 7 little girls, but not enough for some hungry adults. I put it on a plate from Hallmark which reads "it's your special day" and whoever has a birthday or special day in our house gets to use this cool plate.


Margaret said...

That is so cool. I want one of those cupcake molds. Do you know where she got it? It would be perfect for my daughter's birthday party.

b3designs said...

Hi Margaret - I think she got it at Jo-Ann's and most likely used a 40% coupon. It takes about 6 cups of boxed cake mix, I used devil's food for the bottom [which I didn't frost] and white for the top then I had extra of both for the regular sized cupcakes.