Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's pretty cool when you meet your heros .... The Columbus Blue Jackets

Jared Boll from the Columbus Blue Jackets signing Bear's hockey jersey and puck. WOW - how exciting.

Jared Boll with the kids.
Rick Nash [the King of the Jackets]

Bear was a little upset because his favorite goalie, Steve Mason, was out sick with mono. But he was excited to see all these players. So why are they called the Columbus Blue Jackets? Well, Ohio had more soldiers in the Civil War than any other state and those soldiers were at times called "blue jackets" because of their uniform. There was a small factory here in Columbus that made the blue jackets for the men. Hence, the name and history [and this is the canon that "goes off" when a goal is scored - see his Civil War uniform?].

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