Saturday, February 14, 2009

How do you do your laundry?

As a household of five, we have a bunch of laundry. With three kids in sports, it only adds to the piles. Lately it seems I've had several moms ask me how I keep on top of my laundry. When I explain my system, the realize it makes sense. And, I line dry most clothes [except pj's, undies and socks]. So I'll share my laundry tips with you. Maybe something will work for you.
I find that it is easier to separate my kids' clothes from our adult clothes. The kids' clothes get sorted into four piles: dark pants, dark shirts, lights [including pants & shirts] and then one pile for pj's, underwear and socks. I find it more efficient if I do all the pants at once because them I know I have the pant hangers out and that's all I'm doing. Ditto with doing dark shirts, I know i need all my regular hangers at that time. I also hang all of our clothes in the closet, I'm not big on putting stuff in the dressers, except, again, pj's, undies and socks and sometimes extra uniform stuff.
Now in the summer sometimes my dark piles are smaller and my light colored piles are bigger, it's usually either/or not both. This system works well for me. I do four loads of kids' clothes about every 4-5 days. I usually don't have to do 'adult' loads but every 7-9 days. In between days are bedding, towels, blankets and such.
I find this way very organized and productive. I don't feel I'm doing laundry every day. I've heard of people doing at least 2 loads a day and every day. I just can't imagine. If you get organized and a system in place, it will take less time doing laundry and you don't dread it as much. Keep in mind, I do have an front load, extra capacity washer. That may help too :)

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Adria said...

I make my hubby do the laundry and if he doesnt keep up with it then I tell him Im going to buy new clothes. So far Ive only had to buy new socks!!!