Saturday, May 17, 2008

My small purchases from Ikea

So, I got a lot of inspiration and some great ideas from Ikea. And strangely enough, I didn't spend much money -- unusual for me. This is what I purchased, and like I said, it isn't much. Two super cute rolling bins for Sophie to use in my studio, a roll of art paper for her easel, two packs of pretty chalk (again for her easel), wrapping paper, colorful bag closures (which seem to mysteriously disappear in this house), Ikea's signature jelly, and the sweetest pink flower light for Sophie's room. See, not that much - all of this cost around $40. It was a fun trip and Ikea is incredible to walk around, almost too much to see and take in, I'm sure I missed a bunch. Oh, I forgot that white tube thing on the top is to hang up and store your plastic bags.

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Anonymous said...

i love IKEA it's the best store ever!!