Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Owl & Hedgehog Bedding at Target - WOW

This is from Target, but I feel it's a complete knock-off of the Pottery Barn owl collection from last year, read about it here. That is what Target is all about though, finding what sells and duplicating it. Have you ever felt the kids clothing looks like last year's Mini Boden? This line is very wallet friendly, very, very cute [although PBK is cuter IMO], but only comes in a twin size. I remember seeing an ad in a Sunday flyer last week and it had the wallies with trees and owls and hedgehogs. Read the reviews if you are interested.

It started with this ~
The bedding ~
the valance ~

the lamp [which is much cuter in person] ~

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elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting. I have a customer request for a custom hair bow holder to match this set but I couldn't find it at Target or Now I have something to go by. Thanks again!