Sunday, September 20, 2009

martha stewart measuring spoons

So I like watching The Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. I think I would like living next to Ina in the Hamptons and just pop over to see what she's up to ... every day. I had seen her use these measuring spoons instead of measuring cups [not the ones photographed below, but similar]. To me it just made sense to use a spoon instead of a cup for measuring. Not only are these spoons easier to hold, but have multi-uses. I grab them all the time for measuring, serving from stovetop to plates, from microwave to thermos, from soup to a bowl. They really are a perfect serving spoon ~ part service spoon/part ladle. Using a ladle has always been awkward for me. The roundness never seems to be the size of the bowl I have, but these spoons have never let me down.

Not easy to find. My mom was on the hunt and found some Martha Stewart ones for me at Kmart, although I only have 3 in my set. These below are now carried at Kmart too.

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