Wednesday, September 24, 2008

shamelss ebay plug

Listed some Halloween costumes .... just in case you're looking for something fun.*in*gap

I had to let you all know what I feel is a new scam on ebay. Some of you know that sellers now cannot leave negative or even neutral feedback for a buyer. So if a buyer leaves you negative, you have no recourse. If a buyer says something wasn't delivered and you know it was mailed and delivered, they can still leave you negative feedback. I feel that buyers are taking advantage of this, especially when a seller does not use delivery confirmation with their packages. If you sell on ebay, you have to use delivery confirmation period. No question, have to use it. You have to be able to prove your package was delivered, they don't have to sign for it, but the postal worker scans the package and you can track it on-line. I highly recommend this to anyone. Buyers will claim they didn't receive a package and even though you may have your postal receipt showing you mailed it, if you don't have delivery confirmation, ebay and paypal will rule in favor of the buyer. I have never had problems with buyers until selling my fall/winter items. I've had 3 newer buyers claim they never received my packages. All 3 packages I did not use DC because they were 1st class mail. Do yourself a favor and pay the DC charge, or better yet, purchase your labels through ebay, through paypal and you get free DC with priority mail packages and DC at $.18 for parcel packages (and probably 1st class too).



hello, i'am new to your blog i just found it sure glad i did i so agree.. i also sell on ebay my daughters custom clothing and had something like that happen and i gave a refund and shipping back and i still got a negative the frst one ever it makes you so mad because you know whos being honest.... and they know theres nothing that can be done.. ugh..Toni

Kivett Studio said...

Actually, as long as the package weighs less that 13 ounces you can get DC on first class packages by using paypal to print your shipping labels. They only charge an extra 18 cents for DC. Just choose "First Class Mail Parcel" in the Service type drop down menu. Below that it says that you can only get DC for parcels, not letters or envelopes.BUT I have used it on 6x9 envelopes and they do scan them when also get a DC receipt to keep when you print your label ;-)