Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Etsy love ~ purchases

some of my recent Etsy purchases. This darling art smock is from JessicaLeman for Sophie to use at her easel while I work in my studio.
So it only makes sense that I get her a splash mat from RicRackQueen so she doesn't mess up my new pretty floor.
And does your seatbelt hurt your neck? Well, my does and it makes me not want to wear my seatbelt, that's how bad it hurts. Well, if you have that problem, run over to here pinkdixie and get yourself one.

One more thing I just love. Wanted a neat coaster for my studio in fun colors. If you all know me, I drink lots of iced tea and have lots of glasses with lots of condensation on them. I knew I wanted something fabric and look what I found, not only fabric, but a cute little quilted one. You can find these here rikrak. Guess which one I chose?
~ happy shopping ~

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