Tuesday, September 16, 2008

hurricane ike hits us??

well, this is the second day of closed schools from hurricane ike. it's very strange because we are some 5 states away from where the hurricane made land. we had 75 miles per hour winds that hammered us for about 6 hours on Sunday knocking out power/electricity which is still out in many areas. trees ripped down, shingles ripped off, shutters and screen laying all around. our trampoline tried to take flight many times. we worked in my parents' yard yesterday for a couple hours cleaning up debris and branches. my kids only get 5 snow days, so now we have used 2 of our 5 snow days. last year we used all of our snow days. this could be a bad winter. the kids are not excited about the possibility of making up snow days on the weekend. we cannot image what it was like living through this hurricane in Texas.

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