Saturday, August 16, 2008

do you ever feel .... overwhelmed?

I cannot believe my last post was Aug. 5. A new, albeit a short time span, record for me. This is what is going on. Our basement. We have been working so hard trying to get the basement finished. We are now there, carpet comes on Wednesday. Cannot wait. But there's more. Football began, two boys, two different leagues, two different schools practicing at exactly the same time, and one little girl who now has cheerleading practice. Throw in back to school meetings and projects for PTO, supply sale for PTO, kindergarten meeting, ice cream social, cheer clinic, football pictures, again at two different schools. It's just crazy. My poor kids, wanting to go to the pool for the last days of summer. We had chilly weather last week, in the 70's, too chilly for swimming ... comfortably. We saw a movie instead, which only kills about 2 hours.

I feel like I'm running a marathon that has no end. But, alas, school starts soon. I tell myself, don't worry, everything can wait until they are in school. The house can be in disarray until school begins. Sophie will only be gone 1/2 day (or 3 hours more precisely). Plenty of time to get my studio organized. My studio is finished by the way. It is wonderful. Just trying to figure it all out. Trying to figure out my work table I want. Trying to figure out placement of the furniture. Just trying to figure it out all. It will come. Slowly .....

Keep telling myself, after school starts, enjoy this last week of summer vacation with my kids. So that's what I'll do .... after the supply sale on Monday and the furniture pick-up on Tuesday and the carpet on Wednesday and Kindergarten meeting on Thursday and .... and .... football.

I'll be back soon, but probably not until after August 25 when school begins.

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