Saturday, August 30, 2008

copy cats eat dirt ....

Okay, okay. I have a big gripe. I mean big. I hate to see my work copied. There, I admit it. When I sold on ebay, I sold for a solid 2 years w/o seeing any copies of my work and then lo' and behold, one day a complete copy cat starts selling exactly the same thing as I do (although not near the quality of workmanship as myself with all my details, etc.) and she comes in selling the exact same item at $1.00 less than mine, plus she completely copy my entire text of my auction. By the way, this particular ebay seller is now on etsy too. I did write her asked her to take my language off her auction and she did w/o me having to "report" her.

So tonight I find another exact copy cat. I mean exact. This is a new seller on etsy and I really just don't even know what to say. I realize people draw inspiration from others, I can appreciate that, but to actually out and out copy is just plain rude.

Has anyone else had issues with a copy cat before on etsy or ebay? Please tell me of your experience and how you handle something like this .... this invasion of your creativity, design and hard work. I'm at a loss.

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