Thursday, August 20, 2009


Did anyone else watch the 2 hour special last night on this crazy lady? Is she nuts or what? Admitting that she screwed up big time and screwed up the lives of her initial 6 children. The thing that struck me as odd throughout the entire show was the fact that she never once mentioned how she pays for everything. Other than her mother saying Octomom never gave her a dime while living under her parents' roof with her 6 children. How does she pay for that house and who paid for all those renovations? My blood boiled when she was shown in the neonatal unit at the hospital with her fake acrylic nails. Who paid for those nails? That's right, the government. And for some reason, I cannot watch her and not stare at her botox lips.


Adria said...

I liked it when she went off about her kids eating healthy and then asked someone to make her son a PB&J sandwich. And when she was comparing herself to Kate Gosselin. She held that mag up and said 5 years and them pointed to herself and said 5 months. I couldnt help but say "Gross" outloud.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i DID!!!!!!

first... can you believe we actually watched it! ha
she is a bit loco... FOR SURE!

her lips are huge... hello injections! no doubt