Sunday, June 7, 2009

puppy love = schnoodle

We have one schnoodle, Lulu, and after losing our golden retriever to cancer in March, my husband couldn't wait to get his hands on another sweet dog. Since I'm not allergic to this breed, we thought we might as well get another one. This little gal was born on June 2. She's another schnoodle [that's poodle and schnauzer] and chocolate merle this time [our Lulu is cream colored]. Cute as can be. We had to take a trip to the breeder, Windy Hill Kennel, yesterday just to get our hands on her. We probaly won't drive out again for a couple weeks then hopefully she'll have her eyes open.

No name yet for this sweetie. Here she is in my husband's hands.


4 days old here

Here's the entire litter - what great coloring. Ours is No. 4. The three other spotted ones are called blue merle, and then there are two color chocolates.

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