Friday, June 12, 2009

Garage Sale Wrap-Up

Didn't find what I was really looking for, which is an old full of character wood piece that I can paint for our foyer. But I did find a few things I'm happy about. Milk glass compote and plate ($4); vintage tablecloth ($4); old Jack & Jill book which I'm going to reuse in gift tags and cards; some Brighton jewelery which was a big score ($9 for all three pieces); a gorgeous Crate & Barrel square cake stand; and the biggest score - see that bag "Justice", see it - that is full, I mean stuffed to the top, of shirts and pants all from Justice or Limited Too, things were either $1 or $2. Not quite the size sweet girl is in yet, but good enough to put away in a bin for another year or so. Too good of a deal to pass up. One shirt from either of those stores costs about $25. Oh and a bag of shell for BB to put in his rock collection jar.

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