Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lacrosse - A new favorite sport

I admit I didn't know much about Lacrosse when Bear decided he wanted to play this year.
After their first game, I was hooked. I really, really like this sport. We're down to our last two games and Bear is having a blast. He especially likes playing goalie and here he is all padded up. Those little balls are hard as golly gee. He's received many bruises on this legs. Here, as goalie, he is wearing a padded chest protector plus his normal shoulder pads, padded pants, padded socks, elbow pads and gloves, plus an extra neck protector hanging down from his mask. Wow.
Here he is, as goalie, where he caught a shot from the opposition and is throwing it far far away from our goal.
Here he is playing defenseman. I'm sure these two are working out their plans of the perfect play. He "only" has on shoulder/chest pad, elbow pads and gloves. They had a game on Mother's Day and all the boys, at half time, ran across the field to present their mothers with a flower. Too sweet.

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