Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gift Wrapping vs. Gift Bag

My kids are getting ready to go to a birthday party. Now I could just stick the present in a gift bag, which is becoming the norm and very unoriginal, or I could take the extra 4 minutes and actually wrap the present in gift wrap. Do kids really like opening gift bags, I mean how boring. You get to pull out tissue paper and voila, the present. Or do kids prefer digging in and actually ripping the paper of a fun package?
I love buying plain colored wrapping paper and using ribbons and bows to make a statement ~ tulle is my favorite wrappings for a girl's present. Happily my kids tell me that their presents usually get opened first.
Which would you prefer?

I think, once again, our busy lives had made giving a gift in a bag completely acceptable. Well, not in my home. Even if I give a gift card, we put it in a huge box and wrap it, sometimes we even double box it and wrap both boxes just for fun.
I can secretly tell you I have an absolutely enormous amount of gift bags saved in my wrapping closet [from gifts my kids have received]. The bags have sat there for years and years. I'm not throwing them away, but I'm not using them either.

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