Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm in love .... and his name is GE Profile French Door

Oh, sounds so European, doesn't it. Well, here's my new man. LOVE IT. How did I live so long without this guy in my life? As many of you know, we recently finished our basement. Big B built a small alcove underneath the steps for a refrigerator and a cabinent with a little counter space for a microwave. We didn't want a bar in the basement, nor did we feel it necessary to put a sink in this area. We had a refrigerator in the garage, but honestly in the winter it gets too cold out there and our frig would stop working about about 2 months of the year. Not too practical or convenient. We just sold that refrigerator at our garage sale. We ended up buying a new refrigerator (my new crush) and putting our current kitchen refrigerator in the basement.

Mr. French Doors is very handsome. I feel the freezer part holds about the same amount as my side-by-side. But the refrigerated part definitely holds more, or at least it's a more efficient use of space and feels like it holds more. It also has the LCD lighting which is kind of space age and cool, not to mention energy efficient. If you're in the market for a new refrigerator in your life, check this out. Our research found the GE and the LG to be the ones out there.

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