Friday, October 10, 2008

Do you ever feel guilty being a SAHM?

I know I do. I feel extremely blessed to be able to stay home to raise our children, but at the same time, I feel guilty that I don't contribute monetarily to this household. I know, I know. I contribute in every other way. And surely nothing beats staying home to get my kids on the bus in the morning and to get them off the bus in the afternoon, to be able to stay home in the mornings to play with Sophie, to take all of them to their different after school activities. But when I want to buy something, a big ticket item, say a Dyson vacuum clean, I feel guilty. Having my wholesale business over the last couple years has helped although that's not something I'll make a boat load of money on either. Enough to take the guilt away a bit. Maybe it's the fact that I worked a long time and had my own salary, my own condo. I got married in my early 30's and had children quickly. I went from making a very good salary to motherhood in a matter of one year. I wouldn't change it for the world, but I feel guilty. Do you?

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