Thursday, July 10, 2008

Japanese bathrooms .... interesting

So I love reading this one blog from japan with love. It is basically a Canadian who has married a Japanese man and is living (and working) in Japan. It really is an interesting look into the Japanese culture and how living there is so different than living over here. One of her recent blogs was about Japanese public restrooms. Sounds silly but I tell you, it's interesting. When I traveled to Europe, one of my biggest stresses was worrying about and figuring out public restrooms, first of all finding out what they were called in each country (restroom/bathroom/toilet/loo), where they were located (strange places), how they worked (every one different), do they cost money (yes, some do). And maybe this interests me, not only because my husband works for a Japanese company, but because I have an acquintance living in China and she writes fabulous e-mails about their daily life, struggles and all, and I find it fascinating.

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