Saturday, July 26, 2008

He was right, I admit it.

So the last couple days, I've been a bit depressed. No, nothing happened to me or my family. It's just .... my laptop crashed. And I'm upset, mad and sad, all at the same time. I'm mad at myself for not listening to my husband. He's been telling me for months to get stuff off my laptop and get onto my new computer. He kept saying something's going to happen. I'd shoo him away like an old fly. I've been plugging away at my old laptop, not wanting to take the time to move all my files over, especially dreading the recreating of my complete e-mail address book and all my saved e-mails .... my lifeline at times. At first my excuses for legit. Let me get through the school carnival, I've got everything on there, I don't have the time to switch. Okay, carnival came and went. Next was let me get through baseball, I've got everything on there, including the team's e-mail addresses. Baseball is now over. Okay, let me get my ebay auctions up and going, and then I promise I'll switch over. I'm great at excuses. His eyes say to me "you'll be sorry."

Here I am. Crashed. No documents, no e-mails, no updated photographs. My husband did save photos back in January, so anything new since January, I've lost. I had started to take ebay photos of Sophie's clothes, 2 or 3 hours worth of work gone, just gone.

He couldn't save my laptop. The hard drive is shot. He had to format the entire computer. My laptop is going to Brock now. I have my "new" computer. The one that's been sitting behind my laptop on my desk for too many months to count. Why did I not switch over? It's a lovely computer with a ginormous monitor. I will fall in love again, I just know it. My new computer has been so patient. But like any relationship, it takes time to work into that comfort level. I have no choice, I will get there, but I dread the journey this next week while I slowly start to realize how many things I've lost. I start to e-mail people to resend me documents. I try to remember what wholesale places I need to bill for July work. I retake ebay photos.

He was right, I admit it, my husband was right.

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