Sunday, August 22, 2010

whopping cough

a friend of mine acquired whopping cough. she got it from her son, who didn't have as severe case as she did. Yes, he got vaccinated. She's battled it for a month now and is still coughing. Did you realize you need to get immunized again for whopping cough as an adult? At one point, whopping cough wasn't even around the USA, but now with all the immigrants coming into our country, most of whom haven't received the Pertussis vaccine, it is a major concern. Watching my otherwise healthy friend battle this disease, calling 911 two times because she couldn't breathe, spending the night in the hospital is very scary. I have asthma and cannot imagine going through what she has just gone through this past month.

Whopping cough is severe in California, Michigan and Ohio, and most likely coming to a state close to you. Please get vaccinated, if not for yourself, for your family. And for all those non-believers in vaccines, mercury is not in any vaccines for childhood diseases.

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