Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wii Fit ~ It ROCKS

We are having more fun than I can imagine with our Wii Fit. I bought this back in oh, May for my husband's birthday. We never opened it because .... well, quite frankly, we had our Wii in our great room and the TV is mounted above the fireplace and it just wasn't practical. Now that the basement is finished, our Wii has found a new home and a perfect place to play Wii Fit. Big N and I are competing against each other and we are daily challenging each other's scores.
The kids are having as much fun. Brock, in the photo, is snowboarding. As you make your way through the games you earn points, and the more points you get the more new games get "unlocked." So it really is family fun. Both my boys are on it right now. Hard to find now in the stores before Christmas, but if you do, snag one up. You'll be happy.

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